Monday, June 9, 2008

My eyes are burning

Mostly due to watching a PC screen all day long. Recently I've been hooked on an RPG called The Witcher. All in all it's definitely worth a play in my opinion, it'll keep you occupied. Pretty soon here, I'll be typing up a nice review for it to post. It's not a brand new game but it had somehow missed my attention when it was first released and deserves a fair review.

Speaking of PC screens I feel it's about time to get a replacement for my little 17" LCD. I've been looking into a few 24"'s that aren't too pricey. Hard to believe I'll be paying less than what I did for a 19" CRT about 8 years ago. Back then though I didn't know about things like Newegg.

Yeah, I suppose we can all afford a bit more what with the 'stimulus' check handed about by the government. With gas prices the way they are, it's really required. I pay 'round $60 for a tank myself, how about you? Boy those Exxon fellas sure know how to run a business, eh?

Signing off for now and again, The Witcher full review coming soon. Honooooorr!

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