Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blizzard's New Baby - Diablo III

Well, it looks like it's that time for fanboys all around to short out their keyboards from drooling all over it.

It's been 8 years since the release of Diablo 2 and am I ever excited! When the original Diablo was released, it was thought by many as a revolutionary step in gaming. Revolutionary or not, I was one of many that played the crap out of Diablo 1 and 2. They were, quite simply, immense fun. I hope Blizzard continues to mesmerize us with this next installment. Here's one of many articles covering the announcement:

I suppose I could be considered a fanboy as well having heavily played the aforementioned games as well as Starcraft, Warcraft 3, and WoW. But it's not so much that I believe Blizzard is untouchable when it comes to developing games, it's merely the fact that the games they do create are often hard for me to put down.

Rather than babble on about it I suggest you scoot over to the new site for the game Extra points to you if you can name the angel on the opening page. :D The content on the page is satisfactory though still limited, as they only reveal two classes (one of which was in Diablo 2) that will be included in the game for certain. There's a nice and fairly long gameplay video for you to see there too. Two things I see that I really like:

1. True 3D environments
2. Interactive environments

I always felt in the previous Diablo games that the world just didn't feel that immersive; it was flat. There's a good story included but simply not as much there as your typical RPG. Despite small shortcomings the gameplay rocks. There's certainly no shortage of baddies, and many elements of the old Diablo formula are still present; hell, it wouldn't be a worthy Diablo sequel without those.

Definitely looking forward to this. Blizzard sure has a lot in store for us, don't they? WotLK, Starcraft 2, and now this?? I'm just hoping that the attention to so many games in development won't have any impact on quality.


SERDAFIED© said...

Hack and Slash FTW!!!

I can't wait to play that game!

This is Justin Serda from work BTW

Smaug said...

Hey man, I didn't know you were up on Blogger.