Saturday, October 25, 2008

Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3

I purchased Far Cry 2 a couple days ago. It's another graphical feat with some interesting gameplay. I've only played maybe an hour or so of it but so far I'm impressed with the game. It seems immense with a lot of ground to cover, and truly is a free environment where you can pick and choose your own ways of taking out your enemies. I've got a ways to go in the game so I can't give it a real review. The coolest thing so far is how you heal yourself. No instant medkits here, as you have to literally pry bullets from your flesh and wrap worse wounds in bandages. You have to be careful starting out, since you've contracted malaria and must take medicine periodically to stay on your feet.

I'm more excited about what'll be on shelves in three days...and that is Fallout 3. It's developed by the same folks that made Oblivion. There were some things about that game I hated and loved. Fallout 3 is a totally different setting and hopefully alongside it will be different gameplay. I can't wait to get lost in that post apocalyptic world!

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