Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still waiting for new PC games

Lately I've had time to do more things aside from playing video games. Why? Well, there's not much being released lately that is appealing. Spore is out right now and while I'm tempted to buy it...I'm not going to. This game is an ingenious idea, but the reviews on it have been mediochre for the most part. The game seems like a huge time sink as well, which I don't feel like getting into. That's a weird thing to say, coming from a WoW player.

Actually, I haven't really played that either for about a month. is a site I signed up on a few months ago. You're charged about 24 bucks a month for access to a bunch of PC games. Some old, some new. I think I've about run out of games on that site to play that I can genuinely get into. Lately I have really been wanting my Diablo fix so I had been researching diablo clones and played Titan Quest for awhile. I uninstalled it yesterday.

I've been searching and searching for an elusive title that never quite made its debut called Mythos. This was supposed to be some kind of a diablo clone, but judging from the videos it offered a new feel to the hack and slash genre. They only made a free version which was a beta that I can no longer find on the web.

That's ok, as the holiday season looms ever closer I am certain I'll be posting more often. Or maybe not, that depends on if these promising upcoming titles immerse me enough. At this point even a demo of Fallout 3 would satisfy me!

Console gaming is out for me right now. My PS2 is busted, Gamecube is just old, and of course we know what happened to my Wii. It got ripped off.

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